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3 more drabbles

3 drabbles :)

E is for Elephant (Kate/Henry, Sanctuary) for hallonpaj 

“Oh come on. I can easily beat you at any game here!” Kate looked out over the dozens of boots that covered the space between the massive rollercoaster and the water ride.

The whole gang had taken the day off to the amusement park. Helen and Will had taken the big guy to get cotton candy and left Kate and Henry among the games.

“Right. Sure you could.” Henry laughed. “Just pick one.”

Kate scanned the boots before a huge grin appeared on her face. “That one.” She pointed towards the one where you had to throw a ball and make a tower of cans fall down.

Kate leaned against the side of the booth as Henry threw his balls. For a guy hunting down abnormals he had an awfully bad aim. Half his tower was still standing when his balls were gone. Kate snickered.

“Like you could do better.”

“Step aside monkey boy.” Kate knocked her tower down on her first ball. Grinning she turned to Henry. “You were saying?”

“Let’s just go find some place to buy candy.”

“Aww did I wound your pride?” Kate grabbed her prize and caught up with him. She threw one arm around his shoulder and pressed a stuffed elephant to his face. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Yes. You’re giving me your prize to make me feel better?”

Kate pulled the animal away from him. “No. He’s mine. You can heal your own pride.”

“Thanks.” Henry laughed.

“Sure, anytime. Now come one, I want cotton candy.”

F is for Fort (Richard/Kahlan, Lots) for hallonpaj 

“This is your surprise?” Kahlan watched the collections of twigs and moss.

“Don’t you like it?”

“I…” Kahlan stepped closer and tried to assess just what she was looking at. Richard seemed to have put larger branches together and tied them at the top. Everything was covered in grass and moss. “It’s…nice.”

“Nice?” Richard’s face fell. “I spent hours building this fort and you think it’s nice.”

“A fort.” Kahlan said a bit too loud. “Of course. It’s a lovely fort. It’s just that, no one ever built me a fort before.”


She shook her head.” Never.”

“Then come on.” He took her hand in his and led her up to the opening in the fort. “Welcome to the most amazing fort in the world.”

Kahlan shook her head laughing but followed him. After all, she would follow Richard anywhere.

Fandom: Greys Anatomy
Ship: Meredith/Derek

Slow breaths. She watches how his chest rise and fall in the darkness. It’s late, or early, depending on how you see it. Meredith can’t sleep. She never seems able to since that day. The day when she lost her baby and almost lost her husband.

His chest stops moving and Meredith stops breathing. It takes a few moments, a few ticks of the clock beside her before his chest rises again. It takes many more ticks before Meredith breathes again.

This is why she watches him. One time he may not start breathing again. It never used to be this way, it used to be him watching her sleep but things changed.

One guy. One gun. Changed her world.

He turns in his sleep and wraps an arm around her. It feels heavy and his breath is too hot against her neck as he nuzzles his stubbly cheek against her soft skin. She closes her eyes, instead of watching his chest she counts the exhales of hot air. She counts to 384 before his pager goes off.

As he turns to his side of the bed and looks at it she pretends to sleep. He kisses her and she smiles weakly and swats him on the arm for waking her. He gets up to find his clothes, annoyed that he has to leave.

Meredith stays in bed, happy she gets to sleep, knowing he breathes at work.

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