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I could be your hero (R&I, 1/1)

End of Year Gift Exchange for: ellienoname 
Prompt: Jane stepping up to a threat to protect Maura and probably putting herself at risk to protect Maura.
Rating PG 13
wordcount: 2795
Beta: hallonpaj <3

I should have seen it coming. It was like in one of those cheesy horror movies where you scream at the TV screen for the hero to not go down alone in the dark basement where you know the killer is hiding. You could say that I get it now, the reason why the hero goes into the trap. When you’re in it and the killer has something you desire above everything else you don’t think clearly. So it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise that I found myself here, in a dark driveway with the cold steel of a gun pressed against the back of my head.

I knew today would be a bad day the second the cute blonde managed to mess up my coffee order on my way to work. How does one even mess up a cup of normal black coffee? I can tell you, she dropped a year’s supply of sugar in it. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but pretty damn close.

Korsak was nowhere to be seen when I got to my desk (by then I was sweaty because I had to take the stairs. That damn elevator never works) but I did spot the top of Frost’s head over the tall stack of boxes on his desk.

“Please tell me those boxes are for a case with a missing puppy which you already found and is now sleeping in box number three.” I put my cup of contaminated coffee on the third box from the left. However, Frost did not look like there was a puppy around. His face deep in thought and that small wrinkle above his left eye was more evident than ever. “…a dead puppy whose killer you found and the Doc. is now torturing downstairs?” I tried. Frost shook his head.

“Sit down.” I looked at the chair next to him. The same chair Korsak and I had poured superglue on a few days ago. I sat down on the small patch of free space on his desk. “We didn’t want to call you and wake you up from your…”

“What? My beauty sleep?” I laughed but somewhere inside me, somewhere between my heart and my lungs tiny invisible hands were tightening a grip.

“We have a situation.”

“A situation?”

Frost sighed. “We got a call around 3 am.”

“No puppy?”

“Jane.” His voice was stern and it shocked me just how hard his eyes were. “The call was from one of Maura’s dads people. She’s in danger.”

“Where is she?” I didn’t realize how fast I had gotten up until my knee met the side of Korsak’s desk. A hard piece of crap desk which threw the full force of my attack back on my leg. “Jesus…fuck…why is that desk there?”

“It’s not like it moved.” For the first time I detected a hint of humor in his voice. Of course he was one of those finding pleasure in other’s pain. I won’t lie; I am known to find that same amusement…whenever the victim is not one of my own body parts.

“Just tell me why Maura is in danger and how we do so she’s not.”

“Do so she’s not?”

“Who are you, my first grade teacher? Focus!”

“There is a hit out on her head.” Frost got up and motioned for me to follow. As he passed the desk he grabbed my coffee and took a sip. “What is this?”

“I think the barista wants me dead.” I shrugged and held the door open for him. Frost headed for the elevators but I grabbed his arm. “Not working.” The elevator dinged and people walked out. “Apparently it works for everyone but me.”

“Do you want to…?” Frost looked from me to the elevator.

Rolling my eyes and walked into the elevator first. “It won’t stop working just because I get in. Frost nodded and followed me but I did catch him eyeing the doors extra close as they closed.

“So what exactly is the plan?” I asked.

“We put someone on her day and night and try to solve this thing quickly.”

“Sounds boring and safe and perfectly perfect.” I nodded as the doors opened and revealed the empty hallway which led to the morgue. “So you, me and Korsak?”

“You’re trailing the Doc.” Frost turned with a grin. “We suggested Korsak but oddly enough she said she preferred someone who kicks in bed instead of someone who wants to see her naked.”

I could have said so many things from the thoughts passing my brain when he said Maura and naked in the same conversation. Instead I settled for. “I don’t kick.”

An hour later I was bored out of my mind. In true Maura matter she was ignoring the police stuff and had spent the first fifteen minutes since I arrived finishing an autopsy of a boring man and the remaining forty-five minutes she talked science talk about why boring dude had died such a boring death. Around minute thirty-seven I had contemplated shoving an ice pick through my ears to keep the noise out. It would probably work to keep a lot of stuff out, including the reoccurring images of Maura bending over to get the books I had accidentally pushed off her desk.

“Jane.” Maura had stopped talking and was looking at me with that look. I was busted and I knew it. “Did you even hear a word I said?”

Alright, I can pull this off. “Yes.”

Maura leaned against her desk, her long naked legs seemed to stretch forever and she wore a smirk as she followed my eyes. “What did I say?”

“You said something about cheese.” I nodded. I was sure I had heard the word cheese.

“Sure, Jane. The murder weapon was a cheese.”


Maura shook her head. “You’re unbelievable, you know that?”

“Oh come on, I KNOW you said cheese at some point.”

She moved over to my side of the table, one hand on each side of my hips allowed her to lean in way too close, deep into my personal space. Anyone else would have gotten a right hook in the eye, Maura got a gasp. I’m not proud of it but there you have it. Doctor Maura Isles is Jane Rizzoli’s achilles heel. The low cut dress was certainly not helping in keeping my eyes in level with hers but my head shot up when I felt her breath against my ear.

“Jane Rizzoli, if you spent half as much time listening to me talk as you did starring at my legs you might actually have a chance at seeing them for real.” She giggled as she walked back to her paperwork.

It took me close to a minute to be able to catch my breath and kill the ache deep inside of me. She was killing me but I no longer craved an ice pick, I was all for listening. Really. Listening is awesome.

For lunch I was craving pizza. Maura wanted Chinese. Naturally we got Chinese. The food was not bad, really. I stared down into the cardboard box where noodles covered pieces of chicken. The problem with the food was using these two sticks to try and locate said pieces of chicken. Maura was eating elegantly as if she had been born with sticks for fingers and she had this amused smile on her face every time she glanced over at me. Which was quite often. Not that I counted or anything.

“I’m kind of surprised you agreed to take out.” I said while digging one stick into the mess of food in the hopes of piercing a piece of chicken, all it did was hit the bottom of the box and the palm of my hand. “Ouch.”

Maura laughed. “What did that food ever do to you?”

“It’s hiding from me.” That sounded stupid even to me but it didn’t stop me from doing the same thing again, this time I moved my fingers in time but the stick pierced the cardboard and a few strings of noodles escaped through the hole. Maura just shook her head.

“I’m not against take out you know. I just like to make sure the food is good and…”

“Please tell me you did not have the food tested.”

Maura looked down into her food and remained quiet. I looked down at my own food, stabbing it once more and this time when I pulled the stick back a small piece of chicken was stuck to it. Triumphantly, I raised it over my head. “I kicked that chicken’s ass.”

Maura grinned. “You must be so proud.”

“Kill joy.”

We finished the rest of the meal in silence and I even did the dishes. Well, I threw the empty cartons out and cleaned up my mess from the floor. When I got back Maura was sitting at her desk starring down at some papers. The pen she was holding tapped against the wooden surfaces of the desk. You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see how on edge she was. She didn’t look up when I sat down on the edge of her desk but when I put my hand over hers, she stopped tapping her pen. It fell down on the table and she turned to look at me. For the first time I saw something different in her eyes, I saw fear. I wasn’t used to see her like that and to be honest it scared me. She was always calm and collected; she was the brain while I was the muscle in our team. Seeing her like this disturbed the balance and with no direction it was making me feel scared as well. I pushed her paper work away and used my foot to roll her chair until she was sitting right in front of me.

“What are you doing?”

“You should not be working today.” I stated simply.

“Today is just the day I should be working, since someone wants me dead and all.”

“Exactly my point.”

“You’re not making sense, Jane.”

“Come on.” I tugged at her shoulders until she stood up. I slowly moved my hands down her arms until she clasped my hands around hers. My fingertips caressed the soft skin; I turned them around and moved my index finger along the lines of her palms. I smiled, her life line was strong. She was watching me with a small smile on her face and I stood up, let go of her hands to be able to pull her into a tight hug. “I don’t get why you’re scared. I’ll protect you.”

Her laugh was quiet and felt more like a tickle against my neck but it was still a laugh and it made me feel better. It always made me feel better when she laughed, or smiled, or when she did that thing with her eyes that…

Maura leaned back and my body felt oddly cold even if she was still right in front of me. She was smiling now when she looked at me but that was all I could think before she kissed me. She leaned in, I felt her nose against my cheek, her breath against my lips and then she kissed me. Her lips caught me by surprise and for the second the kiss lasted I was frozen, my mind black, all thought had left the building. And then she looked at me with that smile. “Can we get out of here?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “Yes, we can.”

The ‘your place or mine’ question was simply answered as her place was closer. She had given me a head start and I had stopped for pizza. I reached her driveway mere minutes after her. Maura’s car was still standing with the lights on but for some reason those tiny hands were back to squeezing my insides. That was when it hit me, I had let her drive home on her own so I could get my car with me, I was supposed to be her shadow and I hadn’t been.

“Maura!” I left the pizza on the passenger seat and bolted out of the car, realizing I had forgotten my gun in the car the second I felt a hand around my arm and with full force my body hit the pavement.

“Get up.” He kicked me and I was just about to turn around to kick his ass when I felt him press the gun to my head. I had no choice but sit up.


Maura was sitting in front of me and a second man had a gun on her. She was crying, the sound was breaking my heart. I knew I had to save her somehow but to be honest, I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. So I settled for stalling. It always worked in movies so why not in real life? “What do you want?”

The man holding the fate of my life in his hands laughed. “We want her.”

“Yeah, well, that’s not going to happen.” I tried to sound as brave as I could. “What else do you want?”

“Do I have to kill you to get you to shut up?”


“Jane.” Maura pleaded. “Don’t do anything stupid.”

“You’re smart.” The other man brushed the gun against Maura’s cheek. She closed her eyes but tears still slid down her face.
Where were Frost and Korsak when I needed them? Maura was in danger and they didn’t think to put at least one patrol car by her house? Surely someone would come if I just stalled this long enough. Either that or my brain would leave a pretty ugly stain on Maura’s driveway. I decided to make that plan C. Plan A was a perfectly timed rescue. Meaning all I needed was to figure out a plan B that would not lead to plan C and everything would work out fine. Maybe if I kicked him? No, that would just lead into plan C and even though my head had seen better days it would be a shame to put a hole through it. If only I had my gun…

“Let’s get them inside before people start to wonder who we are.”

The cold metal moved to my back but I could still feel it clearly. “We should make the call first.”

“You want me to do it?”

“No I will just make sure you have her.”

The gun moved further down my back and the pressure softened. Now or never. Plan C had never looked so good. I spun lounged forward and the gun sounded before I even hit the ground. I heard Maura scream, a piercing scream that made everything else disappear for as long as it lasted. Then the loud sobs shot through my heart.

“Stupid girl.” He kicked me and I forced myself to not move. I held my body pressed to the ground despite the gravel digging its way through the thin skin of my face. Every heartbeat seemed louder and every breath shallow as I waited.

“Get her inside. We’ll leave this one here; it’s too dark for anyone to see her.” Their footsteps were the happiest sound I had ever heard.
I rolled my body back to my car. The door was still open and I could easily find my cell phone on top of the now cold pizza cartons. I took one painful breath and dialed.

“I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.” Maura hit my arm hard. “You’re an idiot, you know that? An IDIOT.”

“I saved the day.”

“You got yourself shot.”

The last police car was leaving her driveway; the blue lights disappeared into the darkness. “I’m fine.” It had been a good plan. Even with the vest I had a massive bruise to show from where the bullet had hit me but Maura was okay and that was all that mattered. That and my head was hole less.

“I still hate you.” She hit me again.

I turned around to face her. “You know in the movie when the hero does something heroic and saves the hot girl the hero gets a kiss.”

“This is not a movie Jane.” Maura shook her head. I thought all hope was lost but then she did look up at me with a small smile. “You really think I’m hot?”

“Are you delusional?” I dared to put my hands on her hips. Tilting my head I leaned in closer so all I needed was to whisper. “I think you’re the fucking hottest woman on the planet.” This time I kissed her and I never planned to stop. Breathing was overrated anyway.
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