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The night Jane kissed a sparkly vampire (1/1)

So, I've known Annie for 2 years today and I figured I would give her a present. Now, I did start out serious, I promise, but I have no idea what happened. This is probably OOC, cracky and plain weird, hopefully good for a few laughs though.
Annie also said I could never write 2010 words...this is exactly 2010. Just saying xD

Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Prompt: jane/Maura, new years kiss

Jane Rizzoli had never been one for holidays, no, all that did was force people to act silly and stupid. There was never a doubt what holiday topped her list either, New Years Eve, the most idiotic and useless holiday known to man. Yet there she was, sitting squeezed into a booth at the Robber between Korsak and Frost, who both seemed to think celebrating the New Year with odd named drinks was fun and exciting.

Sighing Jane forced her arm up, the men were sitting so tight she could barely breathe, let alone move any limbs, the fact that she managed to wrap her hand around her beer bottle felt like the biggest achievement of the day. The beer was warm and made her stomach turn a little but she kept drinking because it was the only thing that kept her even slightly sane. Next to her Korsak started to sing along to the radio. Jane was no expert but not he sounded like one of those poor people on those Idol shows on TV who thought they were the shit in singing but really sucked. She took another sip of the warm beer. As the song hit the chorus Frost chimed in, Jane was sure that somewhere in a cold country the people in Abba must have fallen down dead.
Two more beers and twenty something Abba songs later, the bartender must have gotten a Abba CD for Christmas, Maura walked into the bar. She was wearing something red and sparkly which made Jane think of one of those disco balls you hung from the ceiling. Not that Maura looked like a ball; in fact she looked nothing like a ball, apart from the sparkling stuff. Maybe she was a vampire? Those sparkled, didn’t they?

“Hello everyone.” Maura set off one of her blinding smiles and set her glass of red wine down on the table next to Frost’s beer. She proceeded to pushed herself into the booth.

Jane now knew how sardines felt in those small boxes. She had to tilt her head instead of the bottle to get the beer down her throat and it only gave her a few drops at a time. Her plan to get really drunk and pass out somewhere and not have to keep hearing the awful singing was slowly dying. To get drunk at this speed would take her several months. Suddenly Frost moved.

“I need to go to the bathroom, would you….?” He gave Maura a small smile and she happily moved to let him out.
Jane took a deep breath and downed as much of her beer as she could in one go. Maura slid into the boot again and moved right next to Jane, her bare arm brushing against Jane’s and suddenly she had problems breathing again but for quite different reasons.

“I’m sorry I came late to the….party.” Maura looked around the room with an amused smile on her lips. “I had to finish that last autopsy.”

“Anything interesting?”

“Not really, the guy was poisoned, probably by his wife.”

“Really?” Jane lit up. “Any chance you saved some of that poison? Not that I want them dead or anything but maybe a little bit in their drinks would stop the singing.”

Korsak grunted and gave her a stern look but instead of giving her a real answer he starred deep into his glass to see if there was anything still in it. He blinked. Then leaned back, tilting the glass all the way back so he could catch the two drops left.

“Jane, I could never do that.” Maura sounded shocked but she was still smiling. Her hand found its way to Jane’s leg and squeezed it. Jane who had been drinking started to cough wildly.

“No one is going to steal that drink from you Jane, you could at least pretend to be classy.” Maura’s hand disappeared and the blonde leaned back, sipping her wine.

“I know.” She took a few beep breaths. Korsak however eyed the beer bottle closely until Jane pulled it away. “I guess I just got a little distracted.”

“Mmmhhhmmm.” Korsak grabbed the empty glass Frost has left and started to build a pyramid.

Jane saw Frost coming back to the table but Maura didn’t move, instead Frost took the outside spot and again Jane turned into a sardine. However she had to admit, being a sardine with Maura so close to her was not as bad. In fact she quite liked being a sardine with the cute Doctor.

By 10 o’clock Korsak was so drunk he had forced the bartender to whip out the karaoke machine. Jane wished for the Abba songs. In fact she quite missed them when her old partner started to belt out My heart will go on, off key with a glass of whiskey in one hand and the microphone in the other.

Maura hid her face in Jane’s shoulder. “I will never be able to watch Titanic ever again.”

“Just be happy you don’t have to sing.”

Maura looked up at her, a smile and a sparkle of those gorgeous eyes. Jane’s heart fell.


“Come on.”

“No fucking way Maura.”

“Just one song.” The blonde pouted her bottom lip. “I’ll let you chose the song.”

“No. I am not nearly drunk enough.”

“We can fix that.” Maura handed her the full glass of wine.

By 10.30 Maura had forgotten all about karaoke, her new mission was to get Jane on the dance floor.

“Come on Jane, just one dance, my legs are dying here.”

“I doubt it’s medically possible for your legs to die.”

“Tecnically…” Maura started but Jane laughed. “You’re teasing me.”


Jane was pulled up from the bench in seconds. Her beer was left alone on the table and she was sure it would be inside of Korsak before she got back. It was sad. It was a good beer.

“I can’t dance.”

“Everyone can dance.”

“No really.” Jane said. “I have no rhythm, no control of my feet. I can’t move my arms and feet at the same time.”

The song switched and grinning Maura begun to move to the music. Jane did not know if the worst thing was that she could not dance or that Maura seemed to be a pro at it. Her hips swayed and for a few seconds Jane found herself starring.

Maura took her hands and forced Jane to move, clumsy steps back and forth. She felt her cheeks burn. This was by far the most embarrassed she had been since Frankie told all his friends she slept with a teddy year in her bed every night.

Suddenly the song turned slow and everyone around them moved closer together. She looked at Maura awkwardly. They stepped a little closer and Jane placed a sweat hand on the side of the red sparkly vampire dress. She counted 1, 2, 3, quietly in her head as she moved her feet. She looked up once and met her friend’s eyes but they both quickly looked away. Maura’s cheeks seemed redder than before but Jane was not sure if it was from the light in the room or something else.

When the clock hit 11 Jane and Maura were both back in the booth watching Korsak, Frost and most of their colleagues dancing something called the bird dance. Erik, a guy who worked with them from time to time said it was a tradition where he came from. Swedish people were weird. No question about it. Yet Jane could not look away as the group of twenty something grown ass men waved their arms like chickens. She didn’t get it, Sweden seemed like such a sophisticated country, apart from the nakedness and Abba songs, but this was just insane.

“I wonder if they will do the other dance as well.” Maura said.

“There is more?”

“Erik said something about a dance that involved balloons.”

“Balloons huh?” Jane sipped the pink drink Maura had bought for her. “That sounds interesting. I always liked balloons.”

“Me too.” Maura nodded. “And it couldn’t possibly be worse than this.”

“I don’t know…after this I don’t know what to think anymore.”

The dance stopped and everyone clapped. They kept on clapping as Erik and two of his friends came up on stage. As the crowed moved Jane and Maura gasped.

“Oh my….”

“Is he…?”

“I think they all are…”

“I don’t think I like balloons anymore Jane.”

Jane drowned the whole drink in one go. She looked up at the stage once more and titled her head. “I don’t know, I think I prefer them with balloons than without.”

“God yes.” Maura looked away. “Remind me to never go to Sweden. Ever.”

“What? I bet you could do that dance much better than them.” Jane leaned away as Maura hit her arm. “Ouch.”

“Whatever. You deserved it.”

“I don’t think I like you anymore Dr. Isles.”

“Don’t be silly, you adore me.” Maura smiled.

Somewhere inside of her chest Jane felt her heart melt. Instead of answering she sipped from her empty glass and hoped Maura didn’t notice the burn that spread over her face.

“It seems so nice.” Maura let out a deep sigh next to her.

“What does?”

Maura nodded towards a couple who sat snuggled together, kissing as if no one else existed around them. “Just having someone to kiss at midnight. I haven’t had that in a long time.”

“Yeah me neither. I always found it rather sill to be honest. What does it do really. A kiss is just a kiss anyway, no matter when you do it.”

“You’re not romantic at all?”

“Not romantic in the flowers, chocolate and flyffy things kind of way. I believe loving someone is more about feelings and actions than doing what everyone else thinks is romantic.”

“I guess…” Maura swirled the small green umbrella around the edge of her glass.

Jane watched her friend. It was quite clear she had not gotten the answer she had wanted but Jane was not one to lie. Or well, she was known to lie now and then but not to Maura, she was different.

“Come on now everyone!” Korsak had somehow gotten up on top of the bar. He was wearing a bright yellow party hat and had a new drink in his hands. “It’s time to count. 20, 19…”

Jane leaned towards Maura. “Five bucks he falls off the bar before he gets to one.” Maura however barely even smiled.

“15, 14…” Korsak wobbled but found his footing again. “12…12….uhm….9.”

People stood up and counted with him. Everyone close together. Everyone apart from Jane and Maura who remained in their seats, close together but with what felt like a mile of space between them.


Jane’s stomach was doing that weird jumping game it did more and more often these days. She glanced at Maura. More jumping.

“2, 1…”

Someone behind them blew some kind of toy trumpet and people started to cheer.


The room erupted in cheers and clapping. Jane turned to give Maura a hug but something else happened. She wasn’t quite sure how to explain it. One second she wrapped her arms around her friend, her fingers felt the roughness of the red sparkles and then the next second she leaned in closer until she pressed her lips against Maura’s. The kiss was short and a little awkward. The angle was all wrong and none of them had been prepared. The second kiss, which came mere seconds after the first was better. Jane had moved and reached one hand to hold the blonde’s face. Maura sighed into the kiss and even though the sound was barely audible and the room was full of people screaming their lungs off it was the only sound Jane heard.

No, Jane Rizzoli had never liked holidays, but she had a feeling she could learn to love parts of them. Especially if those parts just happened to taste like strawberry lip gloss.

In case you're not swedish and are interested in the dances you can watch them here.

Bird dance
Balloon dance
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